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My Approach

Updated: May 4, 2022

My main goal at Balanced Therapeutics is to provide therapeutic relaxation by developing a customized massage and skin treatment plan for each client. I will work with individual needs and use our knowledge of an assortment of therapeutic techniques to bring about a state of physical, mental well-being and send you home glowing.

Your first visit with me will be about discussing your goals and setting up a plan to reach those. Every client gets their own treatment plan because every body is different and every body deserves to feel great!

When you come in for a massage your goal could be just to relax, recovery from an injury, calm down your nervous system, work out a knot or a combination of issues! At my therapeutic spa I use knowledge and experience to pull from many modalities to reach those goals. Services may also use heat, hot stones, CBD, cupping, aromatherapy, cold therapy to get you there. After most sessions clients leave feeling better, calmer, and stress free.

Skin care services are not just to make you look great in the moment but to give you lasting results. I cocktail skin care products to give you the best result then also give you the education so you can repeat at home. Skin care is only 20% what you do in the treatment room and 80% what you do at home. I am here to support you setting up a great home routine too.

If you are not sure Balanced Therapeutics the right fit for you please give us a call and we'll be happy to address your concerns!

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